S6 / F6 Intelligent Servo Drives Drives & Automation

Bharat Bijlee is a leading Servo Drive manufacturer in India. Bharat Bijlee tied up with KEB as an exclusive sales and service partner in 2008; the partnership has evolved since then: it now also manufactures VFD and Servo drives under license.

Based on published data of 2014, the total market size of Low voltage AC drives & Servo solutions (Drive + Motor) in India is close to Rs. 2000 crores, of which 25% is contributed by Servo solutions. Both markets are growing @10-11% per annum. Many traditional VFD applications are migrating to Servo drive solutions, and it is expected that the Servo market will grow much faster in the near future.

There is high demand for Servo drive solutions in plastic injection moulding machines as awareness about this technology is high. KEB Servo drive is the most featured and robust product for injection moulding/extrusion machine, whose performance ensures consistent end plastic product. KEB is the world leader in plastic injection moulding machine market, enjoying around 30% market share.

KEB COMBIVERT S6 / F6 Intelligent Servo Drives

The COMBIVERT S6 / F6 servo system adds a compact, flexible and powerful drive module to the KEB product portfolio for highly dynamic servo applications. The optimally selected KEB components are the key to this successful drive concept. At the heart, the innovative S6 Servo drive is offered in an attractive book-style format and offers real-time performance.


  • 75…5.5 kW in two enclosure sizes for S6
  • 4 …. 450KW in seven sizes for F6
  • Book format for space-saving control cabinet configuration
  • Direct connection to the mains for 230 V and 400-480 V grids,
  • DC-input is also available, 260 ... 750 V
  • Low leakage current mains filter

Motor Operations

  • Universal control for asynchronous, synchronous, IPM or Synchronous reluctance motors
  • Motor operation with encoder feedback or encoder less ASCL/SCL for precise speed control
  • Motor temperature monitoring with PTC or KTY sensors
  • Two-channel multi-encoder interface
  • Integrated GTR7 brake transistor
  • Integrated brake control and brake supply

Communication Options

  • Real-time Ethernet-based interfaces (EtherCAT, ProfiNET, POWERLINK)
  • RS232/485 for diagnostics or display

Analog & Digital I/O

  • 8 digital and 2 analog inputs
  • 2 digital and 1 relay output
  • 1 Analog output 0 ... 10 V
  • 1 brake control output

Integrated Functional Safety

  • Safety function STO in accordance to ISO 13849 Performance Level e / IEC 62061- SIL 3


  • Packaging Machines
  • Machine Tool (SPMs)
  • Textile Machinery
  • Spindles and Woodworking Machines
  • Plastic Machinery

The S6 / F6 Servo Drives form a complete solution with STS series of BB Servo motors.