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  • Sensorless closed loop operation
  • Special cooling options

All types of extrusion machines, shredders, injection moulding machines viz. All Electric Injection molding machines, Hybrid machines.

Bharat Bijlee offers solution for All Electric Injection Moulding machine and Hybrid Injection Moulding machine. For All Electric machine, the solution comprises Servo Drives on common DC bus and servo motors for all 4 axis. Servo motors are with absolute encoder feedback. Servo drives operate in position control loop thus PLC overheads are much reduced. Since, position loop is incorporated at drive end, gives better accuracy of mould positioning and ultimately better tolerance in the final product.

For Hybrid Injection machine, the solution includes Servo Pump, Servo motor and servo drive. With this solution our customers have achieved energy saving up to 60-70% as compared to the conventional machine.

Servo drive and servo motor solution for Plastic Injection moulding machines