Printing Drives & Automation


BBL provides a complete solution of ELS for Flexographic & Rotogravure printing machines. Products offered are:

  • KEB C6 controller
  • KEB F5 series closed loop VFD’s with Ethercat communication option
  • Asynchronous servo motors with sine-cos encoder.

Requirement of Printing

  • Two nos. of Unwinder / Rewinder requires if manual/ auto Tarrate is in Machine. ( It always available in ELS m/c’s, Laminating & Slitter)
  • All motors are with closed loop (Sin-Cos Encoder Feedback)
  • Load Cell or Dancer feedback to Maintain the web tension
  • Winder Software required or else external PLC/ Diameter sensor required
  • ELS require Asynchronous Servo motors which avoids the Main Gear Box & Machine speed goes up to 700 mpm.

Machine Feature we offer (a step towards Electronic Shaft m/c)

  • Virtual master control
  • Homing function
  • Electronic gearing
  • Phase shift between slaves
  • Web Tension control
  • PID block in soft motion