Applications Drives & Automation

Bharat Bijlee began its partnership with KEB in 2007 with a service and sales agreement to offer Industrial drives and Industrial Automation products to India and neighbouring markets. As a further commitment to the Indian market, in 2010, KEB and Bharat Bijlee decided to establish a local drive production under a license agreement.

In 2013, the cooperation was extended with the local assembly and testing of F5 drives in various housings from 15 kW to 900 kW. The new production facility enables functional and regenerative load testing of Industrial Drives, and the involvement of KEB experts in processes and quality systems means a world-class offering with rapid response to demanding customers across India.

KEB drives have been designed with an eye to the most exacting and challenging applications in the industry which demand high speed of response, accuracy, ease of control and reliability in all basic functions of starting, stopping, accelerating decelerating, regulating or positioning.

Added to this, KEB drives are well integrated with other Industrial Automation devices such as sensors and actuators. They interface with PLCs through a variety of bus communication.

KEB's partnerships with leading machinery and equipment manufacturers the world over, has helped in providing cutting edge drive solutions to achieve high performance levels for their machines.

Smooth operation, and high performance in positioning, synchronisation and energy savings are basic product attributes that we ensure at Bharat Bijlee.

Our plant at Navi Mumbai is fully ESD protected. Right from work stations to clothing, and handling boxes and assembly tools are ESD safe. We carry out regular tests to ensure the health of ESD protection. Assembly and storage areas are air-conditioned to ensure dust free environment.

Proper tools are used to ensure the specified torque values. These tools are tested and validated on monthly basis to ensure the correctness of tightening. Each assembled drive is thoroughly tested on automated test system as per the KEB test procedure. We also have testing capabilities where drives are tested to check I/O and basic drive functionality. This facility can test up to 250KW drives through green regenerative system at elevated temperature of 50 degrees centigrade.

Our employees are trained at KEB Germany before commencing assembly.

KEB drive solutions are ideal for:

  • Plastics Machinery

    All types of extrusion machines, shredders, injection moulding machines viz. All Electric Injection molding machines, Hybrid machines......

  • Textile Machinery

    A wide variety of Textile machines such as OE Spinning, Ring frames, Carding, Clothes manufacturing......

  • Elevators and Cranes

    All types of high performance vertical motion systems including passenger and freight elevators, hoists, erection cranes, gantries......

  • Motion Control

    Variety of Industrial Automation machinery demanding speed, torque, motion control multi axis positioning control.....

  • Compressors and Other Applications

    Screw compressors, steel rolling, industrial and HVAC Fans and Pumps...

  • Steel Rolling Mill

    Continuous Shear Control along with Servo for shifter, Cut To Length line control....

  • Wind Mill Application

    Continuous Wind Mill Pitch and Yaw Control...

DC Drive Solutions are ideal for:

  • Sugar Centrifuge Machine

    All capacity of batch type Sugar centrifuge machine control with trip free operation and fastest commissioning time......

  • Start/Stop Shear and Stand drive for Bar Mill

    Bar Mill Start/Stop flying shear control up to bar speed of 18 MPS and offering very good parking position accuracy. This drive is also used for DC continuous stands, Pinch Roll, Tail breaking rolls......