Overview Transformers

For more than five decades Bharat Bijlee has been one of the leading manufacturers of transformers in India. BBL transformers offer outstanding benefits to customers.

The manufacturing and quality systems laid down when we began this business in 1955 have been consistently upgraded and augmented keeping customer needs in mind. We enjoy one of the highest rates of repeat orders in the industry and the highest level of "comfort of ownership" for our transformers. Our design competence, manufacturing processes, testing facilities and quality assurance procedures have enabled us to establish Bharat Bijlee as a reputed manufacturer of 220KV class transformers upto 200 MVA range.

The effective use of SAP systems and in-house facilities of Routine, Heat Run and Impulse Test has reduced execution time and enabled us to meet challenging delivery commitments. We maintain shortest delivery time for customized transformers.
We have a well established all-India marketing network that ensures responsive pre- and after-sales service.

We have supplied transformers to all major electricity boards, power utilities, industries, business houses and EPC contractors. We have a large customer base both in India and abroad.

Salient features of our state-of-the-art plant: PWRLEX

  • Built-up area: 4315 Sq. m
  • Hook Height: 13.5 m
  • Installed Cranes: 2 nos each of 125 T capacity
  • Flooring: Epoxy
  • Ventilation: Forced draft air, 20 microns air filtration
  • Inside Plant Pressure: 1 mm of water column
  • Vapour Phase Drying (VPD) Plant
  • Lifting Capacity of 230 Ton
  • Vacuum Drying Plants
  • Oil Filtration Plants up to 12000 LPH
  • Oil Storage Tanks up to 525 KL Capacity
  • Hydraulic presses up to 120 Ton
  • Horizontal and Vertical Winding Machines 25 nos.
  • Capacity: 15000 MVA per annum.


Dust Proof Pressurised Winding Shop


Core Lifting Fixture


8 Ton Motorised Trolley for windings


Coil Upender


15 Ton Horizontal Winding Machine.


20 Ton Vertical Winding Machine