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We launch new 355 frame flameproof motor

 22 Dec 2023

Our Motors division recently launched its new hazardous area 355 frame flameproof motor for Gas Group IIC. Gas Groups are a standard classification of explosive gases and denote the type of hazardous gas/vapour present at the site where the motor is installed.

So far we supplied flameproof motors of 315 frame suitable for Gas Groups IIA and IIB. With inclusion of Gas Group IIC, the new motor is now a single solution that can be used for a host of applications in industries as diverse as Pharma, Chemical, Refineries, Oil & Gas and Mining.

Owing to its advanced specifications, this motor is a versatile solution for a wide range of industrial applications such as Pump, Compressor, Agitator, Fans, Blowers, and Mixers. They can be also customised as per the specific needs of the application.

355 frame flameproof motor