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We are granted patent for the design of our IE4 motors

 20 Jan 2024

On 15th January 2024, we were granted a patent for the design of our permanent magnet Premium Efficiency class IE4 motors. The design provides several superior performance features, and also offers direct-on-line starting and running capability.

The invention is formally titled Interior Magnet Rotors with Special Geometry for Improving Efficiency of Line Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors, and makes it possible to achieve high motor efficiencies in the same frame size as a standard induction motor, making replacement of older inefficient motors very easy.

These electric motors, called SynchroVERT®, are now available in outputs from 1.5kW to 55kW. Several thousands of these motors are already running in the field in a variety of applications, and have generated significant energy savings for their users.

Bharat Bijlee has always been at the forefront of promoting energy efficiency in motor-driven systems. This patent only strengthens our commitment to creating intellectual property that adds value to our customers and helps protect the environment.